Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Well it appears that not everyone is on board with me going to nursing school.  They say they are, but facial expressions, side comments, and alternate suggestions speak volumes!!
The day of my test, a bombshell is dropped on me and I  am being pursuaded to put off going to nursing school.  I allow myself to be convinced not to take my test today (obviously my lack of a response is taken as agreement...MUST.FIX.THAT! ASAP!!) 
Needless to say, after I think about it a while that night I am totally pissed and decide that as long as my hubby and kids are behind me that is all that matters.  I am taking back the control that I blindly surrendered! 
Step 1: Reschedule test!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Test Day

Today (3/24) is the day I that I am scheduled to take the TEAS.  This is the test that I must pass for admission to the LPN program.  I have spent the last two weeks study and preparing for this test.
I am also chaperoning a field trip for my daughter's 3rd grade class.  We'll see how that goes!!

We had to walk to and from the field trip site with like 5 3rd grade classes.  I am whopped.  I called to reshedule the test for next week.  The kids will be out for spring break and I won't have to worry about afterschool care.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Side Note

I should let it be known that I am currently enrolled in grad school.  I am about halfway through a Master of Science in Special Education program. 
Not feeling teaching...not feeling the MSSPED program.  At least not right now.  The way I see it, the LPN program is 12 months.  I can pick the MSSPED program back up after I finish should I desire to add more letters to my name/title. lol 
It makes to sense to use my time and money on education in a field that I am leaving.  Just my opinion, BUT it is my LIFE!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Talk...

I decide that I can't proceed any further in my LPN process without talking to my hubby.  I am not necessarily scared to talk to him, but I NEED him to know that I am serious. 

I find my perfect time to have his undivided attention-while he is in the shower.  There is no phone, TV, internet, or kids to distract us.  I am face-to-face with him and lay it all out for him.  I think he is impressed with my directness and says that he will support me.  His only requirement...that I finish the program.  You got it buddy!!  Watch out world, I am about to become an LPN.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Beginning...

So, I am sitting here contemplating the current state of my career as an educator and am not pleased. I have been teaching for about 6 years and my heart isn't in it. I'd rather leave than do a disservice to anyone's child. Not to mention the state of the FL educational system.

Ok, first things first...find a school.  Sounds simple enough.  I begin my search online and find LPN programs at a couple of public (low cost) schools- Miami Lakes Tech, McFatter Tech, Miami Dade College.  I also find several private (career college=more $$$) schools- Keiser Career College, Dade Medical College, Florida National College and several others not mentioned here since I did not seek any information from them.

Being proactive, I strike out the next morning- 1st stop: Miami Lakes Tech.  I sit down with a counselor (he's really not a people person) and the information I need.  Not really feeling the school for various reasons, but mainly for condescending counselor (he was quite short and seem bothered by my presence) and the year long wait list.

As I am heading home from MLT, a rep from Keiser calls me.  I am literally driving past the school while I am on the phone.  He agrees to see me in as much time as it takes me to make a u-turn and park.  The couselor and I go into a small meeting room and he proceeds to gather a little background info on me (education, program desired, previous career, etc) then he proceeds to give me his pitch for the MLM business that he runs.  He lets me know that he'll be out of there in less than a year and that if I signed up with him I could use the money to pay for school.  (IS. HE. SERIOUS!!) Sales pitch concluded I take 1 of 2 entrance exams and pay for and schedule the second (TEAS) test. 

I head home feeling convinced that I have found the school that I would like to attend, despite the back-room hustle that the admissions rep tried to pitch. 

Step 2...convince hubby and family that I am serious about this!