Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Clandestine Operation...

In light of the recent event, Operation TEAS is in full effect.  NO ONE MUST KNOW!! 
I call to reshedule my test.  I get a lecture from the person on the line about 24 hours notice, blah, blah, blah.
Now I must find somewhere to stash the kiddies.  That's where my cousin that has just moved back to town comes in.  I explain the ENTIRE situation and she helps out.  We have pulled off several TOP SECRET/G-4 CLASSIFIED operations before.  This one will be a piece of cake. 
I arrived for my test, take my test, and pass it.  I am feeling a bit SMUG about my silent victory!!
After recieving my test results, I sit down with my new admissions counselor and proceed with the next steps including scheduling my interview with the director of nursing and paying my application and background check fees.
Oh, and due to the stunts that caused me to miss my last test, I am now going to be wait-listed for June or I am be one of the 1st in the August class.

Side Note:
I know that I will need to let other members of my family in on all of this, but not today...:)

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