Monday, April 26, 2010


Since my last post a lot has happened!
  • I wound up not needing to have "the conversation" with my mom.  :) (I think she understands that I am serious!)
  • I paid my background check and application fees.  I also received the papers for my drug screening and physical.
  • I had my interview with the Program Director on 4/22/10. 
  • On 4/23/10 I received a call letting me know that I WAS ACCEPTED TO THE PROGRAM!!!
Currently I am the 1st or 2nd alternate for the June class and/or I have a guaranteed seat in the September class.  I am praying that I can get in for June!

I have an appointment today 4/26 to finish my admissions/financial aid paperwork.  I have begun working on my physical.  I have had my TB test and need to go back and have it read today or tomorrow.  I am trying to gather all of my immunization paperwork.  I have already completed my drug screening.

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